File renaming

If you're using MCBE Universe on a mobile phone you should check the file name after downloading, if it ends with .zip you need to delete it and use the other extension (.mcpack,.mcaddon ...). You can see the correct file extension directly in the file name!

Recent Add-ons / Maps

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Disciples of The Void

This is a continuation of my first addon: Disciples of The Void. This addon adds four mobs to give you an extra challenge in your Minecraft world. Along with new weapons, armor, and an extra challenge deeper in. Starting off: In order to spawn ...

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250 Miniblocks Addon

Ever wanted a 100% survival friendly mini-block addon that you can use to decorate your worlds but worried about lag? Well, this addon adds over 250+ mini blocks which you can use to decorate and detail your builds without adding any lag. And yes, th...

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Monsters Kill Animals Add-On

Your minecraft monsters will get angrier and will end up trying to kill the animals in the game, this can help you farm or it will make your game even more adventurous. The addon is simple and the name says everything you need to know, minecraft m...

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Connected Blocks

Now this addon is here to change the vanilla block with a new look that makes the block interesting like optifine which can only be played on PC, this addon is called Connected block, we have same texture with optifine Block List: Connected Dior...

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Parkour Blocks Add-on (Updated)

The Parkour Blocks Add-On adds 53 new blocks to Minecraft, designed for you to use in your own parkour maps, or to play around with in survival! These blocks let you easily implement interesting features into your parkour maps....

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Damage Indicator

Do you want to make your minecraft experience more of a rpg game? So, what's missing? Damage Indicator! Yes! Some of us wanted to see the damage we deal to our enemies. This addon does the job for you. ...

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Craft More

You want to craft some stuffs that are uncraftable? Well if yes, you're lucky! This pack lets you craft some uncraftable items for survival! I introduce 2 packs to you for it...

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Spartan Shields

Are vanilla shields boring ?, this addon is for you, this addon adds 7 new shields, are very similiar to the vanilla shields, and some shields have a special abilities ....